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Deadpool Movie Test Footage Official

Proof that God is real





…”And more importantly, is he single?”

Steve and Natasha in unison: "NO."

Sam looks like he’s having a religious experience.

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sam’s hair or the samulet

Sam’s hair during season 8 was a a work of art and as much as I miss the Samulet, Sam’s hair has always been a thing of wonder, so.


But resistance is risky. A city inspection of 178 homes whose water was shut off last week found that 79 had restarted their supplies, triggering $21,750 in fines on top of what the residents already owed. Of 414 shut-off homes checked in June, 205 were found to have turned the water back on. A first-time penalty is $250. Being caught a second time carries a $500 fine. A third strike, supposedly, leads to the permanent termination of the house’s water supply.

“There are severe consequences,” said Bill Johnson, a spokesman for Detroit’s water and sewerage department. “People are making things worse for themselves. The penalties may be more than the actual bill.”

Did you hear that? People are "making things worse for themselves" by accessing the water supply. Do you ever stop and think how bizarre it is that we’ve created a situation in which a democratically elected—side note: I know emergency managers aren’t elected which is obviously part of the problem; I’m just saying that this is still ostensibly a democratic society in general—government is preventing people from accessing basic resources? The life or death dystopia you’ve all been waiting for isn’t going to be as exciting as you think, friends. It’s just going to be horrible.